The Great Festival Expansion
The Great Festival Expansion
The Great Festival Expansion

The Great Festival Expansion

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The Great Festival is the third and final installment to the BARPIG family of games.

The Great Festival brings an extra 9 new Characters with their unique group challenges and a whopping additional 14 new item types to the table. 

Designed as a fully modular expansion that can be combined with either BARPIG - The Adventure Party Game, it's sequel BARPIG: After Hours, or even both!

“Legend tells of an adventurous piggy, who explored the far reaches of the realm before settling down to build a tavern deep in the woods: A place where all adventuring pigs could meet kindred spirits and share tales from afar. Since then, whenever the harvest moon falls upon the equinox, everyone in the realm is invited to The Great Festival to celebrate why we explore and share what we’ve found.“

One pack of The Great Festival contains 59 cards (9 Character cards, 50 Item cards) all packaged in a handy tab box.

This game is not standalone and must be played in combination with either or both the previous versions of BARPIG.